TTS and Media donations
Select a site to donate from:

Donating through will play special sounds based on your donation amount:

  • 🍾 $7.77 DRUNKEN SAILOR
  • 🥖 $8.88 YELLOW SUB
  • 🎶 $10 SEA SHANTY
  • 👨‍✈️ $12 IM A CAPTIN
  • 🏠 $13 GO HOME SAILOR
  • 🎖️ $15 AYOO CAPTIN JACK!
  • 🛥️ $20 ON A BOAT

Or donate directly via venmo or cashapp
  • Venmo: @captaincontent
  • Cashapp: $captaincontent

Tips are never required but if you decide to support keep in mind tips are not in exchange for a service and are non refundable and any TTS or media might not be played if I find them too inappropriate. Thank you sailor!

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